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Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa 2012

Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa is a two-day conference aimed at bringing together the scientific research and business development communities in regenerative medicine to advance stem cell science into cures for debilitating diseases and injuries. The meeting features a nationally recognized Scientific Symposium attended by leading scientists and researchers and hosts the first-ever Investor and Partnering Forum designed to facilitate a bridge between academia and industry through one-on-one meetings and further the translation of clinical research. This invitation-only program attracts leading scientists, life sciences business executives, and government officials. The aim is to explore the imminent scientific, ethical and business challenges facing stem cell research today. The program is designed around panel discussions that explore topics ranging from basic science and technologies to regulatory considerations. The Symposium is hosted by the San Diego Consortium for Regenerative Medicine (SDCRM) and managed by CONNECT and in partnership with The Science Network. Established in March 2006, SDCRM is comprised of UC San Diego, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, Salk Institute for Biological Studies and The Scripps Research Institute. The consortium marshals the intellectual resources of these four world leaders in life sciences research, bringing scientists from each institution together to conduct joint research and training programs in stem cell research.