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"A big Hi from Portugal! The whole family enjoyed the conferences and the interviews, and we are grateful for this. We read Galileo's Finger, and now we have the opportunity to watch Professor Atkins. He's the kids favorite, among others, and very popular here at home since his appearance at Beyond Belief II, so we are anxious to watch that interview. You have been enriching our intellect so much that my daughter is even applying to a Neuroscience course! Os nossos melhores cumprimentos."
Joao Luz, Sines, Portugal

"I just wanted to thank TSN for the great programming. I may never be a scientist (I'm still young and I want to be a philosopher and an artist and a scientist all at once), but you've at the very least turned me into a life-long science enthusiast. So, thank you :) I'll be watching."
Kyle Bodmer, Naperville, IL

"Have just finished watching Beyond Belief. Loved it. What you are doing is such a wonderful thing - I can't quite find words for it. Giving common people like me a chance to participate and learn from some of the brightest people in the world. You are truly a candle in the dark!"
Simon Nuss, Stockholm, Sweden