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    Ethics and the Brain

    7th Annual Life Sciences & Society Series

    March 19 - 20, 2011

    For several decades now, neuroscientists have used technology to produce images of the brain in action. But what do such pictures tell us? Should they change the way we think about personal identity and free will? Can they reveal whether a person is capable of making moral decisions, or whether a person is telling the truth? If so, brain...

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    Pat Churchland's Braintrust

    What does neuroscience tell us about morality? Do we furnish the mind with experience? The Science Network joins Pat Churchland on the road promoting her new book, Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tell Us About Morality.

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    Neuroethics at Neuroscience 2010

    From November 13-17, over 31,000 attendees at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience swarmed in social networks through the halls of the San Diego Convention Center rehearsing their latest speculations about the gossip of neurons. Since we had just returned from the ASU...