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Panel 2: David Piper, Life Technologies

Getting There – Translating the Science of Stem Cells

November 30, 2011
14 minutes
David Piper


Dr. Piper received his B.S. in biophysics and B.A. in biochemistry from the University of Illinois before earning his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Utah. His doctorate work focused on understanding the development of neurotransmitter receptor and ion channel function in neural stem cells, neuronal restricted precursors and glial restricted precursors as part of a collaborative project between Dr. Mary Lucero and Dr. Mahendra Rao. His post-doctoral work in Dr. Michael Sanguinetti’s laboratory focused on the structure-function relationships that underlie the voltage-dependent gating of the hERG cardiac potassium channel. Dr. Piper joined Life Technologies (Invitrogen) Discovery and ADME/T Systems where he led the development of the only commercially available fluorescence hERG binding assay. He has since held various R&D positions and led teams to develop cell-based assays for ion channels, GPCRs, pathway profiling and next generation cellular engineering. Dr. Piper currently leads a group of scientists that develops custom cell-based/biochemical assays and stem cell provisioning projects. While principally focused on the pharmaceutical industry, this group supports endeavors of non-profit and academic laboratories.