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Panel One

with Tamar Katzir, Joanna Christodoulou, and Mary Helen Immordino-Yang.

June 2, 2011
54 minutes
Tamar Katzir, Joanna Christodoulou, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

Tamar Katzir is Senior Lecturer at the Education Department in the Department of Learning Disabilities at the University of Haifa. Her research centers on reading development and reading breakdown. She is interested in the behavioral and brain-based heterogeneity of reading disabilities in various languages including English, Hebrew, Spanish and Arabic. Dr. Katzir is currently investigating the brain structure and function of patients with a rare brain malformation (periventricular nodular heterotopia) that is also associated with an isolated reading fluency deficit.
Joanna A. Christodoulou is a Post-doctoral fellow, Gabrieli Lab, MIT; Adjunct Assistant Professor, MGH Institute of Health Professions; Clinician, Children's Hospital. She works in the field of education neuroscience, merging cognitive neuroscience tools with topics in education such as reading, dyslexia, emotion, and learning difficulties. She completed her doctoral work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a developmental psychologist and joins John Gabrieli's lab at MIT as a post-doctoral fellow in cognitive neuroscience. Her work spans clinical, research, and teaching settings and she lectures internationally on education neuroscience topics.
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang is Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology at the Brain and Creativity Institute at the USC Rossier School of Education. Her work focuses on the neural, psychophysiological and psychological bases of emotion, social interaction and culture and their implications for schools and development. Dr. Immordino-Yang is also an associate editor for the journal Mind, Brain, and Education. She lectures internationally on the neural and psychological implications of brain and cognitive science for curriculum and pedagogy.