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Brains, Machines and Buildings

Michael Arbib, University of Southern California

March 2, 2011
1 hours 02 minutes
Michael Arbib


(This talk was followed by a commentary by architect and founding member of ANFA, Gilbert Cooke, which can be found here.)

The talk will introduce Neuromorphic Architecture, exploring ways to incorporate “brains” into buildings, developing the view that future buildings are to be constructed as perceiving, acting and adapting entities. Dramatic new developments will emerge as we explore the lessons from neuroscience on how the brain supports an animal’s interactions with its physical and social world to develop brain operating principles that lead to new algorithms for a neuromorphic architecture which supports the "social interaction" of rooms with people and other rooms to constantly adapt buildings to the needs of their inhabitants March 2, 2011 and enhance interactions between people and their environment.

Michael Arbib, PhD is a University Professor, Professor of Neuroscience and the Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California. The scope of his career was defined in the title of his first book Brains, Machines, and Mathematics. The ANFA talk turns from mathematics to buildings, seeking to understand the implications for architecture of his work on computational modeling of brain mechanisms and mirror neurons, relating vision to action, emotion and language.