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Spotlight Talks, Part 2

January 27, 2012
31 minutes
Victor Minces, Brian Isett, Eunho Noh, Markus Plank, Tim Mullen, Dave Deriso


This is Your Brain on Isochronous Beats, Victor Minces


Gamma Modulation in Somatosensory Cortex Following Whisker Deprivation, Brian Isett


Single-Trial Analysis for Predicting Memory of Visual Stimuli from Pre-stimulus EEG, Eunho Noh


Modulation of Visual Attention During Movement Preparation Under Risk and Uncertainty: An ERP Study, Markus Plank


The Source Information Flow Toolbox: An Electrophysiological Information Flow Toolbox for EEGLAB, Tim Mullen


Functional Network Modeling and Learning: A Combined MEG/DTI Approach, Dave Deriso