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Panel Two

with Heinrich Jasper, Kevin Lee, Evan Snyder, and Christi Walter

June 15, 2011
53 minutes
Heinrich Jasper, Kevin Lee, Evan Snyder, Christi Walter


Heinrich Jasper is associate professor of biology at the University of Rochester. His research focuses on how signal transduction networks govern the stress response, metabolism and aging. His lab takes advantage of the wide range of genetic, molecular, and genomic techniques available for their model organism, the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Current work in the lab focuses on the mechanism(s) by which Jun-N-terminal Kinase signaling regulates Insulin signaling in the fly and how this interaction affects stress tolerance, metabolism and aging.

Kevin Lee is Deputy Executive Director of the Ellison Medical Foundation with over 20 years of research experience in molecular genetics and neurobiology. Most recently, as Executive Vice President - Research, Dr. Lee was responsible for the start-up and development of a New York City-based biotechnology company, Sentigen Biosciences, leading to its acquisition by Invitrogen Corporation. He is a member of the Scientific Review Board for the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative in New York. Dr. Lee’s long term scientific interest has been in using genetics to learn how neurons in the brain are “wired up” during development to make functional circuits that relay sensory information and control behavior.

Evan Snyder is Director of the Stem Cells and Regeneration program at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and an associate physician at UCSD. His research focuses on the use of stem cell biology in providing insights into many areas including developmental biology, homeostasis in the normal adult, and recovery from injury and is concerned with engaging in a multidisciplinary approach, simultaneously exploring the basic biology of stem cells, their role throughout the lifetime of an individual, as well as their therapeutic potential.

Christi Walter is professor and chair in the department of cellular and structural biology at University of Texas, San Antonio. She is co-director of the Stem Cell Core and is a member of the American Federation of Aging Research National Scientific Advisory Council, and the Public Policy Committee for the Gerontological Society of America. Her research focuses on how to attain a better understanding of the role of specific DNA repair activities in mutagenesis and tumorigenesis, as well as aging and carcinogenesis and the mechanism of reduced tumor occurrence. Walter is also interested in stem cell genetic integrity and mechanisms that safeguard stem cell DNA.