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The view from the East pole: Buddhist and Confucian soteriologies and tolerance

Owen Flanagan with Commentator Guy Kahane

May 17, 2010
Owen Flanagan, Guy Kahane


Owen Flanagan is the James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Neurobiology at Duke University. In 1998, he was recipient of the Romanell National Phi Beta Kappa award, given annually to one American philosopher for distinguished contributions to philosophy and the public understanding of philosophy. He has written several books; the most recent is The Really Hard Problem: Meaning in a Material World.

Guy Kahane is the Deputy Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College. He is also a Research Associate at the Programme on Ethics and the New Bioscience and the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute at the James Martin 21st Century School. Kahane is the recipient of a Wellcome Trust University Award.