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Space, Time and Causality: Some Neural Observations

Keynote, Anjan Chatterjee

July 21, 2011
1 hours 01 minutes
Anjan Chatterjee, Thomas Shipley


Introduction by Thomas Shipley, Temple University.

Anjan Chatterjee is a Professor of Neurology at The Mahoney Institute of Neurological Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. Chatterjee’s area of interest is in Cognitive Neuroscience and Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology. His research is directed at understanding the architecture and neural bases for human cognition. The structure of cognition is at present (and perhaps in principle) not reduced easily to cellular or molecular explanations. The study of how the brain mediates cognition, while constrained by micro-neural facts, is more directly investigated at higher levels of organization by studying cognition in humans. Chatterjee’s lab uses experimental and neuroimaging techniques in normal subjects and examine the neuro-psychological effects of brain damage.