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Science, Society and the Meaning of Life

Lord Martin Rees, Patricia Smith Churchland and AC Grayling


Lord Martin Rees is a Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics and Master of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge. He holds the title of Astronomer Royal and is Visiting Professor at Imperial College London. In 2005, Lord Martin Rees was appointed to the House of Lords and elected President of the Royal Society. He is also a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society. His research is focused on high energy astrophysics, which includes gamma ray bursts, black hole formation and radiative processes, and cosmic structure formation, especially the early generation of stars and galaxies.

Patricia Smith Churchland is UC President’s Professor of Philosophy at UC San Diego, focuses on neuroethics and attempts to understand choice, responsibly and the basis of moral norms in terms of brain function, evolution and brain-culture interactions. Her books include Brain-Wise; Neurophilosophy: Toward a Unified Science of the Mind-Brain; and On the Contrary, with husband Paul M. Churchland.

AC Grayling is Professor of Philosophy at Birbeck College, University of London, and a Supernumerary Fellow of St Anne's College, Oxford. He has written and edited many books on philosophy and other subjects; among his most recent are a biography of William Hazlitt and a collection of essays. For several years he wrote the "Last Word" column for the Guardian and is a regular reviewer for the Times Literary Review and the Financial Times.


Books by Patricia Churchland:

Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy Neurophilosophy: Toward a Unified Science of the Mind-Brain


Books by AC Grayling:

The Good Book: A Humanist Bible Meditations for the Humanist: Ethics for a Secular Age Ideas That Matter: The Concepts That Shape the 21st Century