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Jay Aronson, Hank Greely, and Natalie Ram

Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University and Georgetown University


Jay Aronson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Carnegie Mellon University. His research is focues on the interactions of science, technology, law and human rights in criminal justince and post-conflict resolution contexts. He has written one book called Genetic Witness: Science, Law and Controversy in the Making of DNA Profiling and has written numerous articles on similar subjects.

Hank Greely is the Keane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson Professor of Law at Stanford University. He is the Director of the Center for Law and the Biosciences, a professor of genetics, by courtesy, in the Stanford School of Medicince, and he holds a Chair of the Steering Committe of the Center for Biomedical Ethics.

Natalie Ram is a Greenwall Fellow in Bioethics and Policy at Georgetown University Law Center and will serve as a law clerk to Justice Stephen G. Breyer of the U.S. Supreme Court. Her research is focused on familial DNA matching in criminal investigation, legal standards that govern human tissure research and informed consent.