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Celebrating Science with Scientific American

A Conversation with Mariette DiChristina

1 hours 02 minutes
Mariette DiChristina


August 28, 1845 was the date of the first issue of the oldest continuously published magazine in the US. Take a guess. Harper's maybe? No, that was June 1850. The New Yorker? Gosh, no - a total baby born on February 21, 1925. The answer, delightfully, is Scientific American, which is now part of Nature Publishing Group. (First edition of Nature, by the way, was November 4, 1869 - which makes the parent now younger than the child).

Mariette DiChristina - the eighth editor-in-chief of Scientific American (and the first woman to hold the position) - is also president of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW). She joined Roger Bingham to celebrate the 165th Birthday of Scientific American.  For more, read 'Celebrating Science', her introduction to the August 2010 issue of Scientific American.