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A BRAIN Initiative update with Terry Sejnowski

May 6, 2016
12 minutes
Terry Sejnowski


Since President Obama announced the BRAIN Initiative in April 2013, this Grand Challenge has been a powerful driver of interdisciplinary efforts to understand the neuroscience that underpins our understanding of ourselves, and the medical and technological prospects for both curing devastating illnesses and augmenting our cognitive capacities. Novel approaches and technologies from nanotechnology to optogenetics, gene editing, AI, and big data have produced an astonishing upswing in research involving government institutes from NIH to DARPA, academic institutions, Biotech and companies including Google. Two major meetings illustrative of this dynamism will take place in May 2016 - the Keystone State of the Brain Symposium in Alpbach, followed by the Brain Forum in Lausanne. Terry Sejnowski, Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute, and an organizer of the Keystone Symposium, has an update.