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Panel One

with Mark Collins, Stephanie Lederman, and Michael West

June 15, 2011
42 minutes
Mark Collins, Stephanie Lederman, Michael West


Mark Collins is President of the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research. The purpose of the foundation, founded in 1965 by Paul F. Glenn, is to extend the healthy productive years of life through research on the mechanisms of biological aging.

Stephanie Lederman is executive director of the American Federation for Aging Research, a leading non-profit organization supporting biomedical research on aging. Under Ms. Lederman's leadership over the past 15 years, AFAR has grown into an organization that has been able to contribute nearly 93 million dollars to more than 2,200 new investigators and students conducting biomedical research on the aging process and age-related disease.

Michael West, CEO of BioTime Inc., is a pioneer in the field of stem cell research and has extensive academic and business experience in age-related degenerative diseases, telomerase molecular biology and human embryonic stem cell research and development. Prior to joining BioTime, Dr. West served as President and Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology, Inc, a company engaged in developing human stem cell technology for use in regenerative medicine. Dr. West also founded Geron Corporation.