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Panel 2: Getting There – Translating the Science of Stem Cells

Introduction by Jeanne Loring, Center for Regenerative Medicine

November 30, 2011
02 minutes
Jeanne Loring


Dr. Loring was co-director of one of the first NIH-supported human embryonic stem cells centers at SBMRI, prior to joining TSRI. Earlier in her career, Dr. Loring held research and management positions at biotechnology companies including GenPharm International and Incyte Genomics, and was the founder of a human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-based company. Dr. Loring was director of two of the first NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Training Courses and now directs one of the largest stem cell training programs in the country. She authored Human Stem Cell Manual: A Laboratory Guide and is featured in a video presentation on the growth of “Stem Cell Tourism,” the dubious practice of offering unproven stem cell therapies to desperate victims of incurable disease. She is a member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Regulatory and Ethics Board and the board of the University of Massachusetts Stem Cell Bank and Registry.