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A Primer on Stem Cells and Translation

A conversation with Lawrence Goldstein

45 minutes
Lawrence Goldstein


Lawrence Goldstein discusses the different types of stems cells, what his group learned by creating stem cells lines carrying Craig Venter's genome, and why San Diego is the place to do interdisciplinary science.

See him speak on a panel at Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa 2011 here.

Lawrence Goldstein has been with the UC San Diego School of Medicine since 1993. A UC San Diego alumnus, he received his B.S. in biology and genetics from UC San Diego and his Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Washington, Seattle. Previously, he was a professor at Harvard University in the Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology. His awards include a Senior Scholar Award from the Ellison Medical Foundation, an American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award, election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the 2009 Public Service Award from the American Society for Cell Biology. He has had an active role in national science policy, and served as co-chair of the scientific advisory committee to the campaign for the Proposition 71 stem cell research initiative, which authorizes $3 billion in tax-free state bonds to fund stem cell research in California over 10 years. He is a co-founder of the biotechnology company Cytokinetics, and author of Stem Cells for Dummies.