More programs, more candles, more light.


Neuroethics at Neuroscience 2010

From November 13-17, over 31,000 attendees at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience swarmed in social networks through the halls of the San Diego Convention Center rehearsing their latest speculations about the gossip of neurons. Since we had just returned from the ASU Great Debate on The Origins of Morality, we were delighted to be invited to the satellite Annual Meeting of the Neuroethics Society on November 11&12. Old friends from Patricia Churchland and Molly Crockett (see our last conversation in Cambridge during the summer) to Paul Root Wolpe (who helped launch TSN in 2004) and Hank Greely (see our Vanderbilt meeting earlier this year) joined with Judy Illes and Steve Hyman to explore the moral landscape - and mindscape.

The mission of the Neuroethics Society is to promote the development and responsible application of neuroscience through interdisciplinary and international research, education, outreach and public engagement for the benefit of all nations, ethnicities, and cultures.