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Mapping the Active Brain: Unlocking the Next Frontier – Solving the Mystery of the Human Mind

Introduction with Duane Roth

May 17, 2013
11 minutes
Duane Roth, Dean Samsvic, Bob Conn


Held at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine Auditorium on May 17, 2013, the event was introduced by CONNECT CEO Duane Roth, who passed away Saturday August 3, 2013 after traumatic brain injuries sustained in a bicycling accident. 

Robert Conn of The Kavli Foundation delivered introductory remarks. Panel discussion here


Duane Roth (1949-2013)

Duane was a friend and mentor, helping to organize The Science Network’s public launch event – Stem Cells: Science, Ethics and Politics at the Crossroads – a landmark symposium held in October 2004, a month before citizens of California voted on Proposition 71 and the subsequent creation of CIRM, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

The TSN symposium evolved – helped by Roth, Lawrence Goldstein, Bob Klein and others – into the Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa (SCMOM), an annual meeting first held in 2006. All SCMOM videos are available on TSN, and represent a part of Duane’s legacy as a dedicated builder of bridges between bench science and the business community.

The same motivation drove our conversations, after the Obama administration launched the BRAIN Initiative on April 2, 2013, to create a BRAIN Meeting on the Mesa, again focused on San Diego as an unparalleled nexus of science, technology, and industry. This event at the Sanford Consortium was, in a sense, an aperitif, a taste of what was to come.

SCMOM is one reminder of Duane’s passion for making a difference. He used to say: Everything is difficult until it gets easy. I anticipate that BRAIN MOM will become another reminder of the Roth way. He is sorely missed.

The opening remarks in this video are quintessential Duane: charming, witty, and optimistic - from an evangelist for partnerships and progress.

Other reminiscences about Duane, and tributes, may be found here, here, and here.


Robert Conn of The Kavli Foundation delivered introductory remarks. For more, go here.