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Women's Keystone Symposia Panel


Shilpi Khare is a Ph.D. student in the lab of Steven Clarke. She is studying the effects of oxidative stress of protein- repair deficient worms and the role of protein arginine methyltransferases in autoimmune diseases. 

Celine Riera is a Research Associate at the Salk Institute in the Dillin Lab. She is investigating how sensory perception modulates the aging process. 

Melanie Samuel is a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University. Her research is focused on regulation of synapse formation, neurologic diseases and methods for tracing neural circuitry and mechanisms of neurologic dysfunction.

Giana Angelo is a Post- Doctoral Fellow in the Van Gilst Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Her research is focused on the importance of fed and fasted state metabolism to health and longevity.