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Panel Two

with Nora Newcombe, Jiaxian Zhou, and Paula Tallal

June 3, 2011
54 minutes
Nora Newcombe, Jiaxian Zhou, Paula Tallal

Nora Newcombe is Professor of Psychology at Temple University and Principal Investigator of the Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center (SILC). Dr. Newcombe is a nationally recognized expert on cognitive development whose research has focused on spatial development and the development of episodic and autobiographical memory, including the educational applications (especially K-12 education and college teaching implications) of these interests with a focus on cognitive neuroscience.
Jiaxian Zhou is Professor in Educational Neuroscience at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. Her work focuses on linking brain sciences and educational policy and practice.
Paula Tallal is the Board of Governor's Professor of Neuroscience and Co-Director of the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN) at Rutgers University. Her research interests include the neural and genetic bases of language development and disorders.