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Arthur Markman

University of Texas

July 22, 2011
56 minutes
Arthur Markman


Arthur Markman is director of the Similarity and Cognition Lab at the University of Texas. He studies how people learn, how people perform under pressure, and how incentives affect performance. His research has focused on three main areas. First, he is interested in the way people see things to be similar, and how they process similarity and analogy comparisons. While the study of similarity is interesting for its own sake, it is also interesting because of what it can tell us about other psychological processes. In order to look at the way that our ability to make comparisons affects our cognitive processing, he also does research on category learning and decision making. He is a Governing Board member of the Cognitive Science Society and Executive Editor of the Cognitive Science Journal. He shares insights into current issues ranging from the psychology of politics to teen drug-taking behavior in Ulterior Motives, a blog series in Psychology Today.