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Brains R Us 2

The Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center (TDLC) is a multi-institution group of scientists and educators focused on understanding the critical role of time and timing in learning. Their mission is to create a new science of the temporal dynamics of learning, to use this understanding to transform educational practice, and to create a new collaborative research structure, the network of networks, to transform the practice of science.

The TDLC is a National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center. The goals of the Science of Learning Centers Program are to advance the frontiers of all the sciences of learning through integrated research; to connect the research to specific scientific, technological, educational, and workforce challenges; to enable research communities to capitalize on new opportunities and discoveries; and to respond to new challenges.

Brains R Us: The Science of Educating, held at the Salk Institute on March 3, 2008, was a unique town hall forum which brought together a highly interactive group of researchers, educators, policy makers, parents and students to discuss the state of the science of educating from synapses to schoolrooms, from neurons to neighborhoods.

Brains R Us 2- The Education Prize Advisory Meeting was the sequel, convening an Advisory Committee to explore the potential of an incentive driven approach to innovation in education.

Included here are a series of discussions with members of TDLC and participants of the Education Prize Advisory Meeting and the Education Innovation Summit held at Arizona State University on April 20, 2010, as a continuing conversation on The Science of Educating.