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Designinformed: transforming evidence into innovation

Commentary by Fred "Rusty" Gage, PhD

November 4, 2009
42 minutes
Fred Gage


This presentation discusses the challenges and opportunities of developing evidence to inform creativity and to enhance innovationin design. The opportunities to do higher performing design abound in areas demanding more sustainable design, new building technologies and spatial configurations influencing human behavior and response to environmental stimuli.

The research looked at the work processes of a select group who are using evidence to inform their work. The study focused on three approaches to generating evidence:

  • Simulation, Modeling and Data Mining

  • Socio-Psychological Scientific Methodologies

  • Natural and Physical Scientific Methodologies

The presentation focuses on a specific case study of the California Academy of Science, San Francisco designed by Renzo Piano of Renzo Piano Building Workshop in collaboration with Chong Partners Architecture (now Stantec) and ARUP.