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John Allman, California Institute of Technology
The Search for the Neurobiological Basis of the Social Emotions"

Paul Zak, Claremont Graduate University
From Whence Trust Comes: Oxytocin and Behavioral Economics"

Hank Schlinger, California State University Northridge
"Consciousness is Nothing But a Word: Debunking the Last Great Myth in Psychology"

Ursula Goodenough, Washington University, St. Louis
"From Biology to Consciousness to Morality"

Panel II with John Allman, Paul Zak, Hank Schlinger, Ursula Goodenough, Terry Sejnowski, and Susan Blackmore; moderated by Roger Bingham


Books by Terrence Sejnowski:

Liars, Lovers, and Heroes: What the New Brain Science Reveals About How We Become Who We Are, 2003 (with Steven R Quartz) The Computational Brain, 1994 (with Patricia Churchland)